Dual Degree Graduate Programs

The College of Architecture and Planning believes that successful design and planning requires expertise, breadth, interdisciplinary understanding, and creativity. Our programs emphasize thinking outside of traditional professional silos. Our faculty encourage students to explore design and planning professions by following self-directed explorations and developing expertise in the areas that matter most to them.

How to Apply

We offer ten dual degree options. In order to pursue a dual degree, a student must be accepted separately into both programs. Students may choose to apply to one or both programs initially. If students begin one program and then determine they would like to pursue a dual degree, they may apply for the second program at the next available application deadline.

Once admitted, students must complete the work for both degrees before graduation from either. Pursuing a dual degree results in a significant reduction in the number of required credits than would be needed if each degree was earned separately.

Available Dual Degree Programs

College of Architecture and Planning

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