• Tokyo, Naoshima & Kyoto, Japan
  • Mexico
  • Seferihisar, Turkey
  • Rome, Italy
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Thailand
  • Guatemala
  • Finland
  • Morocco
  • Denmark

Upcoming Opportunities

photo of barcelona

Public Space Studio in Mexico City — May 21 - June 17, 2023
Open to all CAP students | Application deadline January 30, 2023

Ken Schroeppel & Eugene Howard

Attention M.Arch and MLA students: There is still time to register for the Mexico City Public Space Summer Studio. This Urban Design/Urban Planning studio, led by Ken Schroeppel and Eugene Howard, will focus on the principles, tools, and methodologies for planning, analyzing, and designing great public spaces. The studio will be working with one of Mexico’s most prominent urban designers, and the studio project will have students prepare a visionary redevelopment master plan with public spaces for a large property in the city. This will be an amazing interdisciplinary opportunity to bring architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, and urban design students together! The deadline to register for this summer studio (May 21 – June 17) is January 30. Please apply here: https://studyabroad.ucdenver.edu/index.cfm?FuseAction=Programs.ViewProgramAngular&id=71114.

students in finland observing scenery

Architecture and Landscape in Finland: Interdisciplinary Design Study — June 6 - 27, 2022
Open to all CAP students | Application deadline February 4, 2022

Ann Komara & Taisto Mäkelä

This program explores the traditions of architecture, landscape, and urbanism in relation to the culture in Finland through lectures and site visits. The tradition provided by the granite structures from the Middle Ages and the vernacular tradition of wooden buildings will be traced through the evolution of modern and contemporary work, and seen in the natural settings of the cities and villages. Of particular interest is the ongoing influence of Nature and the belief in its mythical powers. Topics covered include Karelianism, National Romanticism, Functionalism, Alvar Aalto, and recent developments in landscape and urban planning and design for sustainability in the 21st century.

photo of morocco landscape
Architectural Design in the Urban Context of Rome, Italy— June 5 - July 2, 2022
Open to all CU Denver graduate students | Application deadline March 1, 2022

Matthew Shea 

The Rome study abroad program provides necessary travel/study benefits for an education in architecture. Lessons from the culture and the city frame a more specific understanding of historical buildings in contemporary context. Daily interaction, by means of exploring, sketching, measuring and observing, is intended to strengthen both the intellectual and intuitive abilities as design tools at the core of architectural academic program. Students will complete two elective classes. These classes will take advantage of Rome as a contemporary city where historical settings and modern times represent a whole. Particular focus will be on design analysis of that relationship, the relationship between the past and that which is emerging, and how it may manifest itself between architecture (a building) and the city (group form).

The Rome program offers something unique to students and is a program that is expected of any school of architecture. It offers content and travel experience, excitement, and intellectual challenges in addition to the obvious historical significance.

photo of students in Denmark
Danish Solutions to Sustainability, Denmark — May 15 - May 28, 2022
Open to all CU Denver graduate students | Application deadline March 1, 2022

Mark Safty & Leila Tolderlund

This study abroad represents a rare and exciting opportunity for explorations of sustainable development in the energy, urban design, and governance sectors in one of the most progressive parts of the world. Copenhagen is a laboratory of visionary urbanism and Denmark's countryside, and smaller cities are stunning examples of sustainable rural life. Copenhagen's diverse approaches and innovations across the spectrum of design and planning for urban spaces include creating integrated bicycle networks, public transit, pedestrian connectivity, high quality public space, pedestrian connectivity, and design innovations. The City of Aarhus is home to some of the world's most innovative water policy and management systems. The country's clean energy, water and transportation policies and practices are admired, studied, and imitated across the globe.

photo of students in Turkey

 Colorado Small Town & Mountain Studio

This year's Small Town and Mountain Studio will take place in Steamboat Springs. 

Andy Rutz

The 2023 MURP Summer Colorado Small Town & Mountain Studio will work with the City of Steamboat Springs and its Principal Planner Brad Calvert on a Comprehensive Plan Preliminary Visioning and Methodology Study in advance of the City’s update of its Comprehensive Plan. The studio will focus on elements that inform the early planning of the Comprehensive Plan update, such as a diagnostic of the existing Comprehensive Plan; an equity framing for the planning effort; an analysis of growth scenarios for the City; and recommendations that promote compatible infill development.  A series of guest lecturers will join the studio throughout the semester to provide expertise on these topics and highlight how Steamboat Springs and other cities and counties have grappled with similar challenges.

More information to come!

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