Digital Image Databases


Students, faculty, and staff of the College of Architecture and Planning have access to several large digital image databases for academic uses such as course presentations and research. The collections are hosted through

Among the databases are:

  • The College of Architecture and Planning Collection–86,000+ images of architecture, landscape architecture, cities, and dwellings.
  • Archivision Collections–The Archivision Base Collection and Addition Modules 1-9, encompassing 70,000+ images of architecture, parks, gardens, city skylines, and other notable places or landmarks from around the world.
  • The ARTstor Collection–ARTstor is the most extensive image resource for educational and scholarly use in the world. Over 2.5 million curated images from reliable sources, featuring art, architecture, documentary photography, images relevant to archaeology, anthropology, design, geography, and more.
For more information, contact the Visual Resource Center at 303.315.2425 or email Jesse Kuroiwa.
Please note - you must access ARTstor from an on-campus internet connection, or you must create a username and password for off-campus access. Once you create a username from a campus internet connection, you can access the collection from anywhere for 100 days. Every time you log in from a campus connection the 100-day count resets. VPN connections will count as “on-campus connections” for username/password registration and for continual access to the collections.

Training video: Signing into ARTstor

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