Spring Awards 2024

The College of Architecture and Planning at the University of Colorado Denver is the only college in Colorado offering comprehensive programs in the design and planning of the built environment, from undergraduate through accredited professional master's degrees to the doctorate. We cover architecture, landscape architecture, urban and regional planning, urban design, and historic preservation. We take full advantage of our status, aligning our programs with unique opportunities in Denver, and with a view of what students in our fields will need to flourish in the next few decades.

We are pleased to honor many of our exceptional students for the 2023-24 academic year.  

Outstanding Student Awards

Architecture Undergraduate Outstanding Student Award

Nicole Diaz

Architecture Graduate Outstanding Student Award

Willa Hendler

Landscape Architecture Outstanding Student Award

Emily Beeson

Urban and Regional Planning Outstanding Student Award 

Lucy O’Sullivan

Urban Design Outstanding Student Award

Erin Daly

Architecture Department Awards

Medal for Academic Excellence, AIA

Mo Zaina

Alpha Rho Chi Medal

Sean Gatzen

Landscape Architecture Department Awards

ASLA Honor and Merit Award Nominees

Emily Beeson – Honor

Michelle Lazarz – Merit

Ella Reid and Mike Mei - Nominees 

Landscape Architecture Foundation Olmsted Scholar Nominee 

Emily Beeson 

Sigma Lamda Alpha Honor Society Award

Dan Schumacher

Urban and Regional Planning Department Awards

Exceptional Service Award

Lisa Williams

Exceptional Research Award

Ebru Altintas Solakoglu

MURP Spirit Award

Rachel Barham

MURP Teaching Assistant Award

Mason Aeschbacher

Urban Design Program Award

Studio Excellence Award

Anna Henderson

Tau Sigma Delta Honor Society Recognition

Tau Sigma Delta Honor Society 

Robin Adams

Toni Alexander

Jessica Rose Allen

Emily Beeson

Alanah Mae Braaksma

Nicole Alexandra Diaz

Caden J Bishop Daugaard

Logan Ebert

Lara Ruyi Eck

Nickolas Finn Geller

Michelle Marie Lazarz

Aurora Esmeralda Lopez Alvarez

Lucy Caitlin Clare O'Sullivan

Camille Pahl

Vanessa Rodriguez Gomez

Brandon Wunder

Mo Zaina

Architecture Studio Awards

Undergraduate Architecture Studios

Undergraduate Studio I 

Studio: Jen Clegg

Clayton Matthews 

Studio: Alex Roestenburg

Myles Rule 

Studio: Nikolas Makela

Santiago Aguilera Cepeda 

Studio: Erika Sweigert-Nava

Tyler Cyre 


Undergraduate Studio II

Studio: Cynthia Leibman

Lorelai Brunner 

Studio: Marc Swackhamer

Sydney Spomer  

Studio: Sarah Vanderpool

Daniela Mendiola 

Studio: Jeff Shi

Daniela Mejia 

Studio: Kristen Straw-Gundersen

Alec Bendykowski  

Undergraduate Studio III

Studio: Kevin Hirth

Ben Kirshner and Maya Weaver (co-nomination) 

Studio: Brian Dale

Jay Tully 

Studio: Michael Jenson

Malizak Nguonny 

Undergraduate Studio IV

Studio: Kat Vlahos

Avrie Tomsik and Jose Gomez (group) 

Studio: Michelle Frankel

Vanessa Rodriguez Gomez and Sawyer Janney (group) 

Studio: Kae Donahue

Gabriel Herrada and Andrea Malta (group) 

Studio: Nathan Gulash

Nazeeya Bathhef and Yaire Reyes (group) 


Undergraduate Studio V

Studio: Alex Li

Juan Garza and Nina Fritch (co-nominated) 


Undergraduate Studio VI 

Studio: Cynthia Fishman

Entire Section (group) “Innovative Model Construction” 

Graduate Architecture Studios

Graduate Studio II

Studio: Leyuan Li

Pooja Sankar and Meghan Sloan (group) 

Graduate Studio IV

Studio: José Ibarra

Maggie Krantz 

Studio: Lior Galili

Theresa Khoury 

Studio: Keith Loftin

Mariana Gonzales and Abhinav Sahariah (co-nomination) 

Graduate Studio VI

Studio: Assia Crawford

Christopher Beckley, Marshall Reilly, and Neal Van Tamelen (group) 

Studio: Stephen Dynia

Willa Hendler and Meghan Kress (group) 

Studio: Osman Attmann

Cristian Gomez and Mohamad (Mo) Zaina (group) 

Faculty and Staff Awards

Excellence in Research and Creative Work

Assia Crawford

Faculty Inclusive Excellence Award

José Ibarra

Excellence in Leadership and Service

Matt Shea 

Early Career Award for Excellence in Creative Work

Leyuan Li

Excellence in Teaching

Sarah Hearne 

Early Career Award for Excellence in Research

Sarah Hearne

Excellence in Teaching by a Lecturer

Brian Dale

Staff Excellence Award

Kyle Danforth

Laurraine "Rai" Pollard

Recognition of Promotions, Years of Service, and Retirements

CAP Staff Promotions

Connor Rumsey, Senior Finance and HR Professional

Roxy New, Senior Academic Advisor, Course Coordinator

Years of Service Recognition

Michelle Haynes, 15 years

Jesse Kuroiwa, 15 years

Stephanie Santorico, 15 years

Christopher Endreson, 10 years

Stephanie Kelly, 10 years

Jeffrey Wood, 10 years


Osman Attmann

Denise Weber

College of Architecture and Planning

CU Denver

CU Denver Building

1250 14th Street


Denver, CO 80202


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