Minor in Landscape Architecture

Program Information

The Minor in Landscape Architecture will offer students a grounding in the fundamental skills and concepts of landscape architecture as a social and technical practice.  This minor will give you a specialized perspective whether you are pursuing a career in architecture, design, or any other field that engages with people in the built environment.  The minor is available to students in the BS Arch program and is designed to fit seamlessly into the Architectural Studies track.  It consists of the following four classes:

Either LDAR 4421 - History of Landscape Architecture or LDAR 3601 - Introduction to Landscape Architecture
LDAR 4430 – Site, Society, and Environment
LDAR 4472 – Ecology for Landscape Architects
LDAR 4432 – Landform Manipulation

If you are interested in pursuing this minor, please get in touch with your advisor.  We look forward to having you in our program!

How to Declare a Minor

Contact your academic advisor to discuss registration for the Landscape Architecture minor.

For more information about the minor, contact Senior Undergrad Academic Advisors, Krista Busch or Manuel Garza

Students declaring a minor must complete the online application form found here under the CAP section:


Failure to submit an official declaration of the minor application form may result in the inability for CAP to award the certificate upon students’ completion.

Landscape Contacts

Jody Beck standing in his office.

Jody Beck PhD

Associate Professor and Chair of the Landscape Architecture Department
Krista Busch

Krista Busch

Principal Undergraduate Academic Advisor and Student Success Specialist
Manuel Garza's portrait

Manuel Garza

Undergraduate Academic Advisor

Tuition & Fees

Recommended Course Sequence

BS ARCH Studies Track with Landscape Arch Minor

Year 1: Fall SemesterCredit Hours 16
ARCH 1110 Intro to Architecture3
ENGL 1020 Composition I3
MATH 1110 College Algebra or MATH 1130 Precalculus4
CU Denver Core3
CU Denver Core3
Year 1: Spring SemesterCredit Hours 15-16
ARCH 1711 Visualization I3
ARCH 2230 Architectural History I3
ENGL 2030 Composition II4
MATH 1120 College Trigonometry or Bio/Phys. Sci.3-4
CU Denver Core3

Year 2: Fall SemesterCredit Hours 14
ARCH 2111 Design Studio I3
ARCH 3230 Architectural History II3
PHYS 2010 & 2321 College Physics with Lab4
Year 2: Spring SemesterCredit Hours 15
ARCH 1721 Visualization II3
ARCH 2121 Design Studio II*6
ARCH Elective3
CU Denver Core3

* Required check-in with CAP advisor prior to registration

Year 3: Fall SemesterCredit Hours 15
ARCH 3111 Design Studio III6
ARCH 3130 Construction Practices: Mat. & Struct. Systems3
LDAR 4421 or 3601 History of Landscape Architecture3
CU Denver Core3
Year 3: Spring SemesterCredit Hours 15
ARCH 3121 Design Studio IV6
ARCH 3430 Construction Practices: Building Envelope3
LDAR 4430 Site Society and Environment3
CU Denver Core3

Year 4: Fall SemesterCredit Hours 15
ARCH Elective3
ARCH Elective3
LDAR 4472 - Ecology for Landscape Architects3
General Elective3
General Elective3
Year 4: Spring SemesterCredit Hours 15
ARCH Elective3
ARCH Elective3
LDAR 4432 - Landform Manipulation3
General Elective3
General Elective3

Program Requirements

Students must earn at least a C- grade in all required courses for the minor. Required courses must be repeated if the student earns less than a C- grade. A cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher is required in the courses for the minor.

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