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The College of Architecture and Planning at the University of Colorado Denver is the only college in Colorado offering comprehensive programs in the design and planning of the built environment, from undergraduate through accredited professional master's degrees to the doctorate. We cover architecture, landscape architecture, urban and regional planning, urban design, and historic preservation. We take full advantage of our status, aligning our programs with unique opportunities in Denver, and with a view of what students in our fields will need to flourish in the next few decades.

We are pleased to honor many of our exceptional students for the 2021 – 2022 academic year.  

Graduating Student Shout-Outs

Top row (from left): Trent Torres, Malaak Madhourn, Spencer Briggs, Marshall Reilly, Jazmyn Dennard. Bottom row (from left): Xiomara Amaro, Abigail Votava, Sylvia Pasquariello, Rey Hernandez, and Lauren Platman
On April 8 at the 2022 Spring All-College Meeting, Dean Nan Ellin recognized the following graduating CAP students nominated by faculty members for their outstanding work.

CAP's Outstanding Graduates

Bachelor of Science in Architecture
Mohamad Zaina

Master of Architecture
Bo Lee

Master of Landscape Architecture
Sylvia Pasquariello

Master of Urban and Regional Planning
Karlyn Vasan

The Architectural Education Foundation, AIA Colorado 2022-23

The Flodie and John Anderson, FAIA Scholarship
Cristian Gomez
Mike Kephart Scholarship
Molly Rose Guiyun Merkert
Temple Hoyne Buell Scholarship
Molly Rose Guiyun Merkert

William C. and Priscilla W. Muchow Scholarship
Jarrett Hardy

Robert K. Fuller Scholarship for Graduate Study
Reilly Marshall
Gary G. Landin Scholarship
Anthony Cruz (ENVD)
De Von M. Carlson Scholarship
Sarah Karoussa

C. Gordon Sweet Scholarship
Chenyang Leo Xu (ENVD)

Kenneth R. Fuller Scholarship
Mohamad Zaina

Oscar R. Sanchez, Assoc. AIA Scholarship
Aaron Daines

AIA Colorado North Scholarship
Joshua Dusbabek (ENVD)

CAP Scholarships

Richard Reindel Memorial Study Abroad Scholarship
Bianca Elizabeth Bunces 
Abigail Votava                   
Elizabeth Levick 
Iman Amery       
William Glascock              
Benjamin Hawley

Dana Crawford Endowed Scholarship
Emily Beeson
Angela Crum 
Ayah Almutkassi
Don Ruggles and Nancy Sager Scholarship
Jesus Rodriguez-Leon

David R. Hill Memorial Scholarship
Jason Schaefer

Robert and Vesta Giltner Memorial Scholarship
Madeleine Fischer

Fentress Graduate Scholarship
Kevin Miller

Harsh Parikh Scholarship
Mariyah Mansari

Hideo Sasaki Scholarship in Interdisciplinary Design
Mohamad Zaina

Eugene D. Sternberg Scholarship
Kathryn Finnigan

Jennifer Moulton Fellowship
Adison Petti

The Catherine and Alec Garbini Preservation and Placemaking Scholarship
Olivia Simard
Faith Hammon

Anderson Mason Dale Architects Graduate Scholarship
Amanda Vaughan

Tom Obermeier Scholarship
Molly Rose Guiyun Merkert

ZGF Architects Scholarship
Jarrett Hardy


CAP Awards

Landscape Architecture Department Awards

ASLA Honor and Merit Award Nominees
Sylvia Pasquariello
Derek Updegrove
Aletha Spang
Alexander Bullock

Landscape Architecture Foundation University Olmsted Scholar
Kathryn Finnigan

Landscape Architecture Studio Excellence Awards

Fall 2021 
Alexa Engle
Mallory Orr
Andrea Kraft
Erin Daly
Sylvia Pasquariello
Finley Sutton
Emily Beeson
Sarah Donato

Spring 2022
6604/7 (Beck): Sylvia Pasquariello
6604/7 (Barr): Riley Eichler
6605/8 (Volz): Claire Bulik
6605/8 (Langhorst): Mallory Orr
5501 (Komara): Yin-Shuo Li & Ella Reid
5503 (Locke): Lizzy Borsch & Omar Ba-Yousef
5503 (Brink): Andrea Kraft, Alexa Engle 

Urban and Regional Planning Department Awards


Exceptional Service Award
Sara Kohles
Lauren Platman

Exceptional Research Award
Dervis Cemal Akcicek

Architecture Department Awards

Henry Adams Award
Abigail Votava

Alpha Rho Chi Medal
Xiomara Amaro

Exceptional Leadership Award
Jazmyn Dennard

Architecture Studio Excellence Awards


Studio I
Andi (Andreanna) Brown
Hana Abouagina
Toni Alexander
Nickolaie Rivadeneira

Studio II
Kellen Briddle
Erick Medrano
Rachel Randolf
Chase Martinez
Jakob Kloberdanz
Sammriddha Shrestha
Mason Micka
Chase Martinez
Abigail Arredondo

Studio III
Khalid Hambishi

Studio IV
This studio cohort produced the highest caliber work. Faculty would like to recognize everyone. 

Studio V
Elliot Rogers
Ivonne Lopez Hernandez
Justus Tudor
Mohamad Zaina
Elijah Ortega
Ben Pitney
Nate Mencini
Spencer Briggs
Malaak Madhourn
Natasha Zimmerman 
Marshall Reilly 
Trent Torres  


Studio II
Chris Lundahl

Studio IV
Lauren Verdine
Jonathan Kaczor
Brian McSweeney, 
Jarrett Hardy

Studio VI
Julianna Cox
Jami Daniel
Matthew Hayes
Justin Trammell
Olivia Collier
Maslin Mellick
Abigail Votava
Peter Sommerfeld
Elizabeth Levick

College of Architecture and Planning

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