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The College of Architecture and Planning at the University of Colorado Denver is the only college in Colorado offering comprehensive programs in the design and planning of the built environment, from undergraduate through accredited professional master's degrees to the doctorate. We cover architecture, landscape architecture, urban and regional planning, urban design, and historic preservation. We take full advantage of our status, aligning our programs with unique opportunities in Denver, and with a view of what students in our fields will need to flourish in the next few decades.

We are pleased to honor many of our exceptional students for the 2020 – 2021 academic year.  

Outstanding Graduates

We sat down with the 2021 CAP Outstanding Graduates to learn more about their backgrounds, what attracted them to CAP, their breakthrough moments during their education, and their plans post-graduation. Click on the links below to learn more

Exceptional Student Awards

Master of Science in Historic Preservation Exceptional Student
Winter Roybal & Jacob McDonald 

Graduate School’s Student Award for Distinguished Service
Winter Roybal

Master of Urban Design Exceptional Student
Eric Denardo

In recognition by the faculty for exemplary work and advancement in design theory, and technology in urban design.

Honor Society Inductees

Tau Sigma Delta
Jacqueline Lund, Charles McQuillan, & Adrienne Gullia

Tau Sigma Delta is the only nationally recognized honorary society in architecture, landscape architecture, and the allied arts. Membership is granted to the top 20% of each graduating class.

Henry Adams Medal
Jonathan (Johnny) English

Each year the American Institute of Architects awards an engraved medal and certificate of merit to the top-ranking graduating student in each architecture program accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board.

Alpha Ro Chi
Kai Eldredge

Alpha Rho Chi, the National Professional Fraternity for Architecture and the Allied Arts, provides this medal to selected schools of architecture throughout the country to be awarded to the graduating student who has shown an affinity for leadership, performed willing service for the school or department, and gives promise of real professional merit through his or her attitude and personality. The faculty in the department of architecture nominate and vote for the Alpha Rho Chi winner.

American Society of Landscape Architects CO/WY Student Honor Awards
Arianna Solomon 
Chelsea Gieryic

American Society of Landscape Architects CO/WY Student Merit Awards
John Kohl
Victoria Hancock 

CAP Scholarships

The College of Architecture and Planning administered $266,650 for the 2020-2021 Academic Year in scholarships. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of merit, academic achievement, financial need, or a combination of the three. The criteria of each scholarship depend on the values or goals of the group offering the scholarship, however, students must meet all criteria in order to be eligible.

The college is grateful to the many individual donors, groups, and organizations that support our students in this important way.

Chancellor’s Masters Scholarship

  • PhD: Laura Santos Granja
  • Master of Science in Historic Preservation: Faith Hamman
  • Master of Urban Design: Alisa Childress
  • Master of Urban and Regional Planning: Abner Ramos Salcedo

CAP Opportunity and Relief Fund

  • Master of Landscape Architecture: Kensey Hanson
  • Master of Architecture: Desiree Domingo, Omar Flores, Katherine Say, LeDarrius Johnson, Krystal Vallejos, Martin Ochoa, Sarah Fisher
  • Master of Urban and Regional Planning: Casey Allen
  • Continuing Students: Luis Melendez, Saeed Amirchaghmaghi, Sarah Knoebl, Angelo Garcia, Salima Salim

JEDI Scholarship

  • Master of Landscape Architecture: Michelle Lazarz
  • Master of Architecture: Emmanuel Martin, Charmi Gajjar, Nathan Moon, Eileen Loy
  • Master of Urban and Regional Planning: Henry Feuss, Marcus Morris, Luis Caro
  • Continuing Students: Miriam Hernandez Arroyo, Dervis Cemal Akcicek, Xiomara Amaro

Awarded to CAP students, the JEDI initiative and scholarship fund advances issues of Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in our college and allied practices.

Hideo Sasaki Interdisciplinary Scholarship.

  • Yao Sun

Awarded to a graduate or undergraduate student, entering his or her final year, enrolled in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Planning or Urban Design.

Harsh Parikh Scholarship for Diversity in Design

  • Rifieka Tesfaldet

The Harsh Parikh Scholarship for Diversity in Design aims to promote diversity in design education. This scholarship is given to students from backgrounds that are historically underrepresented in the field of architecture, students who have faced unusual adversity, first or second-generation college students, and students with lived experiences outside of the United States.

Eugene D. Sternberg Scholarship

  • Reynaldo Hernandez

To provide scholarships for graduate students who have demonstrated a proven ability in architectural design plus an interest in architecture that solves social and human problems.

Jennifer Moulton Fellowship

  • Molly Merkert

The Jennifer Moulton Foundation established this scholarship program to honor and perpetuate the values that Jennifer represented as an architect and city planner. Jennifer dealt with design and development issues by integrating the community and professionals in the process. The scholarship is awarded to a graduate student at the College of Architecture and Planning who has submitted a proposal identifying a focus issue in the area of architecture, urban design, or city planning in the Denver metropolitan area.

Clinton Family Endowed Scholarship

  • Lauren Kelly

To support the Clinton Scholars. Made possible by The Clinton Family Fund.

Dana Crawford Endowed Scholarship

  • Sara Kohles
  • Anna Bierbrauer

Awarded to a student in the College of Architecture and Planning who is interested in being a change agent in the community, enhancing the built environment in Denver, and who embodies the work and values of Dana Crawford.

Classical Studies Scholarship

  • Nikolas Makela
  • Isabella James

Don Ruggles and Nancy Sager Scholarship

  • Erik Braaten
  • Jarrett Hardy
  • Songen Xie

This scholarship is awarded to CAP students who have an interest in traditional architecture, specifically issues related to the practice of contemporary traditional architecture and the importance of beauty. 

CAP Undergraduate Scholarship

  • Malaak Madhoun
  • Alycia Thomas
  • Mohamad Zaina
  • Brian Turner

Awarded to undergraduate BS Architecture students. 

Architecture Scholarship Fund

  • Amin Shafaeian
  • Aaron Daines

Awarded to undergraduate BS Architecture students.

Brian Hovey Memorial Scholarship

  • Juliana Cestaro Garcia

Awarded to graduate students in the Master of Architecture Program who demonstrate good work ethic and will contribute to the advancement of our environment and community.

Anderson Mason Dale Scholarship

  • Elizabeth Levick

Available to MARCH students in their 2nd year of study. Recipient may be offered a paid summer internship with Anderson Mason Dale Architects that will provide unique opportunity and exposure.

Fentress Graduate Scholarship

  • Zoe Peters

Awarded to an outstanding MARCH student. Student may be offered an internship with Fentress Architects.

Tom Obermeier Scholarship

  • Abigail Votava

Awarded to graduate students in the Master of Architecture Program who are entering their final year of study. 

Dwayne C. Nuzum Memorial Scholarship

  • Jada Cannon
  • Jarrett Hardy
  • Continuing Students: Jordyn Watters, Jason Kennell, Andrea Arias

Available to all students enrolled full time in the Master of Architecture program in the College of Architecture and Planning. Awarded based on vision for community related development in higher education. 

Adrienne Balsover Sustainability Scholarship

  • Sabrina Gonzalez

To establish a scholarship program for incoming students in the Master of Urban and Regional Planning Program who are studying sustainable planning.

Spring 2021 Studio Awards

Spring 2021 Undergraduate

Spring 2021 Graduate

Architectural Education Foundation Scholarships 

The Architectural Education Foundation, AIA Colorado was born out of the devotion of five men to the practice of architecture. On January 23, 1934, Robert K. Fuller, FAIA, announced on behalf of himself and four other men, the creation of a special Trust Fund: “to advance the interest of the profession of architecture in the State of Colorado.” This was the realization of ten years of commitment by Robert Fuller, FAIA, William E. Fisher, FAIA, George H. Williamson, FAIA, William Bowman, AIA and Fred Montjoy, AIA. Their dream was “to provide an instrument whereby, someday, sufficient income would be realized to be able to award scholarships, grants, prizes, etc., to the betterment of the profession.”

The first aim of the Trust Fund was quite modest: the assets were to be “held intact and allowed to grow” until the principal was large enough to ensure a “Good annual return there from.” On December 18, 1944, the Trust Fund was transferred to AIA Colorado. Robert K. Fuller was designated its Permanent Trustee. On February 16, 1961, the Fund was incorporated as a separate, tax free, non-profit corporation. Its broad purpose, as reported in the December 1961 issue of AIA Colorado’s newsletter, “the Addenda,” was (and remains today) “to advance education in architecture by granting scholarships, prizes and financial aid to deserving students in architecture and to teachers or architects interested in research projects directly related and of value to the architectural profession.”

In 1961 the first scholarship was awarded by the Architectural Education Foundation. It had taken 27 years for the five founders’ original dream to come true. Since the first $600 scholarship was presented in 1961, the Architectural Education Foundation, AIA Colorado has awarded more than $1 Million in scholarships, grants and other awards to more than two hundred- fifty students, architects and teachers.

Mike Kephart, AIA Scholarship

  • Sadie Thurston

This scholarship is presented to a University of Colorado graduate student who is pursuing a degree in Architecture with a concentration in housing or urban design. As the founder of KEPHART Community :: Planning :: Architecture, Mike Kephart, AIA, has spent the last 30 years working with the development community to provide quality housing, innovative land planning and livable communities to cities across the country.

Temple Hoyne Buell, FAIA Scholarship

  • Alisa Stacey

This scholarship, presented since 1980, is awarded for graduate study in architecture at the University of Colorado Denver College of Architecture and Planning based on academic performance and merit. Temple Hoyne Buell, FAIA, was a successful Colorado architect whose abiding interest and financial support of architectural education makes possible the award of this scholarship. Buell practiced architecture and planning in Denver from 1922- 90 and was Architect of the Year in 1988.

Priscilla C. and William W. Muchow, FAIA Scholarship

  • Juliana Cox
  • Abigail Votava

This scholarship, the first presented in 1992, is awarded for graduate study in architecture at the University of Colorado Denver College of Architecture and Planning based on academic excellence, professional promise, and contribution to the College. Priscilla Muchow’s estate doubled the scholarship to $5,000 in 2007. William C. Muchow, FAIA, was a talented Colorado architect and nationally recognized award-winning designer. William was Architect of the Year in 1983 and was principal in his own practice from 1950-91 in Denver.

Robert K. Fuller, FAIA Scholarship

  • Abigail Votava

This scholarship, presented since 1967, is awarded to graduating Environmental Design students entering graduate study in architecture at the University of Colorado Denver College of Architecture and Planning based on excellence in previous academic or professional world and financial need. Robert K. Fuller, FAIA, whose father was one of Colorado’s first architects, was one of the original founders of the Architectural Education Foundation and managed it for over 32 years. He was president of the Colorado Chapter, AIA, from 1922-26 and practiced architecture and planning in Denver from 1910-66.

De Von M. Carlson, FAIA Scholarship

  • Nick Berg

This scholarship, first presented in 2005, is awarded to an exceptional fourth- year undergraduate student with demonstrated freehand drawing skills. DeVon M. Carlson, FAIA, was a dedicated architectural educator. He was the first dean of the University of Colorado College of Architecture (Boulder) and the first president of the Colorado Society of Architects, AIA, in 1968-69 and again president in 1980. This scholarship is presented by the Carlsons and their colleagues.

Kenneth R. Fuller, FAIA Scholarship

  • Schawn Chi Ming Li

This scholarship, presented since 1984, assists a graduating undergraduate student continuing the study of architecture the next academic year, and is based on academic excellence, professional promise and contribution to the college. Kenneth R. Fuller, FAIA, was a respected, third-generation Colorado architect who served as a director of AIA Denver and was the permanent secretary/treasurer of the Architectural Education Foundation for 32 years. He practiced architecture with his father and brother from 1946-66 and maintained his office until 1998. He was Colorado Architect of the Year in 1989 and a recipient of the University of Colorado Gold Medal in 1994.

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