Program Information

The Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA) at CU Denver is a fully accredited degree program for first professional degree students and post-professional students (those already holding a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture or Bachelor of Architecture degree). Our program balances theory and practice, and emphasizes design to support human well-being and environmental balance.

The MLA curriculum thoughtfully integrates theory and practice, and revolves around a sequence of design studios, supported by core content classes and seminar courses on a variety of relevant topics. The curriculum is designed to provide students with the fundamental knowledge, skills, and critical and creative thinking necessary to succeed as landscape architects while also offering opportunities to focus on particular areas of interest. The curriculum promotes an ethic of responsibility, grounded in natural systems and processes and an understanding of cultural and community values.

Our educational program operates fluidly in both local and global contexts and at a variety of scales, taking advantage of the wide range of highly dynamic landscapes, opportunities and issues in the immediate vicinity, ranging from urban cores to the wilderness areas in the Rocky Mountains, from suburban sprawl to ranching and farming communities, as well as providing exciting opportunities for experiences across the U.S. and globally. Students gain skills by working on relevant urban and rural projects, often directly engaging with diverse communities and places. Studios and courses engage current issues, define future trends, and explore the role of landscape architecture in a rapidly changing world. Throughout the program, our students learn and apply design and planning skills that use established and emergent technologies and design approaches to enhance community, foster equity, remediate environmental balance, conserve and regenerate resources, and create places that hold value for current and future generations.

Denver’s vibrant professional design and planning community supports our students through guest lectures and participation in design reviews, internships and mentor programs, and opportunities to visit offices and meet practitioners and leaders in our field.

Green Roof Installation on the Fourth Floor Patio of the CAP Building

4th Floor Patio Green Roof Installation

Principal Researchers:

Leila Tolderlund

Student Researchers:

Kathryn Landers, Troy Britt, Leah Bryant, Jana Raines, Jake Seymour and Nick Patin
Student volunteers installed a green roof on the fourth floor patio of the CU Denver CAP building using donated green roof modules.
The Green Roof Cafe

The Green Roof Café

Student Researchers:

Gaelen Means, Helen Davidoski, Kortney Harris and Kyle Roddy
Landscape Architecture students designed the "The Green Roof Café," a mobile coffee shop and combined green roof and solar PV educational exhibit.
MLA student Rio Dulaney used mixed media to illustrate the history of Denver's MCA

Historic Investigation of MCA Denver

Student Researchers:

Rio Dulaney, MLA
Students were charged with re-inventing some of Denver's iconic landscapes through abstracted photo collage as part of LA 6604, a Landscape Architecture class.


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