Master of Landscape Architecture

For first-professional degree students and post-professional students.

90 Credit Hour Course Curriculum

The academic curriculum consists of:

  • Sequential and integrated design studios
  • Core lecture and seminar courses
  • Research and elective opportunities, including professional internships and theses

The Department of Landscape Architecture views inquiry, both individual and collective, as the means to invent, energize, inform, and evaluate design ideas, processes, and results. The curriculum emphasizes and values design and the design process coupled with knowledge and capability in the theories, technologies, sciences, arts, materials, and methods associated with the practice of Landscape Architecture. Core themes, theories, precedents, technologies, and skills of the profession are developed in the lecture and seminar courses. You will develop design capabilities in studio courses.

Degree Requirements

Elective Requirements

Degree Sequencing

Students should take an average of 15 credit hours in the fall and spring. Electives may be taken in the summer when offered.

The following table shows the typical three-year course sequence and prerequisites.

Course #Course NameCredit HoursClass Type
Year-1 Fall Semester
 LDAR 5510Graphic Media in Landscape Architecture3Seminar
 LDAR 5521History of Landscape Architecture3Seminar
 LDAR 5572Ecology for Landscape Architects3Seminar
 LDAR 6631LA Construction Materials and Methods3Seminar
 LDAR 6641LA Computer Applications3Seminar
Year-1 Spring Semester
 LDAR 5501Intro to Landscape Design Studio3Studio
 LDAR 5532Landform Manipulation3Seminar
 LDAR 5540Introduction to GIS3Seminar
 LDAR 6620LA Theory and Criticism3Seminar
 LDAR 6630Site, Society, and Environment3Seminar
Year-2 Fall Semester
 LDAR 5502Design Studio 26Studio
 LDAR 6670Plants in Design3Seminar
 LDAR 6949Research Methods3Seminar
 LDAR ElectiveElective3Seminar
Year-2 Spring Semester
 LDAR 5503Design Studio 36Studio
 LDAR 6604/6605Design Studio 4 & 5 (3 credits each)6Vertical Studio
 Open Elective3Seminar
Year-3 Fall - Immersive Semester
 LDAR 6706Design Studio 64Studio
 LDAR 6707Design Studio 6 (Travel)2Travel

 LDAR 6740 
 or LDAR 6745

Advanced History/Theory
Advanced Media/Technical

 LDAR 6750LA Professional Practice3Seminar
 LDAR Elective3Seminar
Year-3 Spring Semester

 LDAR 6607/6608
 or LDAR 6951

Design Studio 7 & 8 (3 credits each)
Landscape Architecture Thesis (Dept. approval)


alt: 6

Vertical Studio


 Open Elective3Seminar
 Open Elective3Seminar
 Open Elective3Seminar

Total Credit Hours: 



MLA Grading & Course Policies

Students must maintain at least a 3.0 University of Colorado cumulative grade point average to remain in good standing. When a graduate student’s cumulative GPA falls below a 3.0, the student and the department will be notified, and the student will be placed on academic probation.

Students are required to receive a grade of B- or better in all required MLA non-studio Core Requirement courses. A student who receives a grade of C, D, or F in a required MLA non- studio Core course must retake the course.

Students are required to receive a grade of C- or higher in all courses taken to fulfill Elective Requirements. Elective courses must be 5000- level graduate courses or above. A student who receives a grade of D or F in an elective course will not receive credit awarded toward the degree for the course.

A student who receives a C+ in a studio will be allowed to register for the subsequent studio. The student must earn a minimum grade of B in the subsequent studio to avoid having to repeat the studio in which the C+ was earned. A student receiving a grade of B- or lower in the subsequent studio will be required to retake the studio.

To participate in the Immersive Semester, students must in good academic standing (GPA or a 3.00 or higher) and have a grade of B- or better in the previous two studio courses.

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