Student Work Gallery

GroverDayton_Simon Section_Final

Refraction Studio

Principal Researchers:

Dayton Grover
A community space that celebrates connection to site while functioning as an integral component to the neighborhood and amplifying community expression and interaction.
DunantMaite_Leibman Section_Finalmodel copy

Museum of Organized Decay

Principal Researchers:

Maïté Dunant
A Fundamental Pause


Principal Researchers:

Sawyer Janney
Casting into a single form built of two layers of basswood to illustrate how varying wall heights and tightness of the path inwards creates a variety of different experiences as the viewer moves throughout it.
Stereotomic_Overall iso view 2 E copy

Stereotomic and Tectonic Objects

Principal Researchers:

Jay Tully
A stereotomic model with a gridded ordering system incorporates the linear elements of a correlating tectonic object. The overall experience when viewing this model is a playful one: The motion of the object emulates a carousel or a spinning top which brings out the child in the viewer. This is the main objective when designing this model.


Principal Researchers:

Jason Ostrander, Moses Legaspi, and Sinh Tran
Aiming to challenge the ideas of authorship and ownership among artistic representation in order to remove control from the hands of corporations who wish to monetize and profit from the works of artistic expression.
motzkotrevor_Martin Section_yellow copy

Composing Public Vision

Principal Researchers:

Trevor Motzko
A Place of Writing + Community.
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