Academic Advising

Faculty Advisor

When students enter the MURP program, they may select a faculty advisor from among the full-time MURP faculty. We encourage students to set up an appointment with their advisor and get to know them. However, students are welcome to change advisors at any point, seek the advice from multiple faculty members, or choose an advisor with expertise in their interest area (see list below). Students may work with their advisor as much or as little as needed. Faculty advisors can help students with course selection, career advice, and general academic guidance.

The following list offers suggestions for which MURP faculty members to consult with regarding different areas of interest or expertise:

  • Community development: Jennifer Steffel Johnson
  • Economic development: Carrie Makarewicz
  • Environmental planning: Austin Troy
  • Healthy communities: Rocky Piro
  • International planning: Andrew Rumbach
  • Placemaking and urban design: Jeremy Németh
  • Real estate development: Carrie Makarewicz
  • Regional sustainability: Austin Troy
  • Rural and small town planning: Andrew Rumbach
  • Thesis and research: Jeremy Németh
  • Transportation planning: Carrie Makarewicz or Manish Shirgaokar
  • Urban revitalization: Ken Schroeppel
  • General planning/career advice: Ken Schroeppel
  • Internships and mentorships: Jennifer Steffel Johnson

Other Academic Advising Resources

In addition to their faculty advisor, there are two other important academic advising resources:

Patty McKissock serves as the MURP Academic Advisor and Course Coordinator on the College staff. She is the official keeper of all student records, the person to ask about academic policies, and the person who knows which forms need to be filled out.

Electronic Degree Auditing is available for all MURP students. This online system allows you to check which MURP degree requirements you have satisfied and which ones remain. Electronic Degree Auditing can be access through student's UCDAccess Portal. 

Patricia McKissock

Patricia McKissock MA

HR & Academic Services Senior Professional
  • School of Public Affairs

Email Address:

Primary Phone: 303-315-2491