ICML Certificate Details

The Integrative Management Edge

The colleges of Architecture and Planning, Engineering and Applied Science, and the Business School at the University of Colorado Denver have formed a partnership to create an innovative and interdisciplinary leadership program. The Integrated Construction, Management and Leadership (ICML) Certificate is a four-course certificate designed to launch designers, architects, engineers, and business entrepreneurs into the world of construction or rapidly update an existing skill-set.

All classes are held in the Liniger Building at CU South Denver, located east of Interstate 25 on Lincoln Avenue in Parker, Colorado. Go to the CU South Denver website to see the ICML class schedule.

As disciplinary identities, project boundaries, and conventional markets blur, leadership, management skills, and civic mindfulness are key aspects to successfully navigating a rapidly transforming 21st century built environment. Many new ideas are emerging involving how projects are conceived and delivered that better integrate the complex relationships among finance, marketing, design, and construction. These new interdisciplinary management and construction techniques streamline the construction of increasingly large-scale and complex projects. Leadership skills are necessary for success in the central activities of contemporary engineering, architectural design firms, business, government, and non-profits. The demands of project management in firms today involve more than a specific technical expertise in a given field. Firms need creative individuals who can effectively innovate, execute, and communicate across disciplines. This new certificate program capitalizes on these changes and the new opportunities they present.

ICML is an interdisciplinary program designed for working or aspiring professionals, and upper levelstudents interested in expanding their knowledge base in the fields of engineering, architecture, business, and their intersections. The courses include introductions to and explorations of current trends in the construction industry, project management and building information modeling (BIM). The final course is an integrated course that brings together top executives in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) business to discuss current industry topics and provides students an opportunity to apply principles from the various fields to case study projects.

  • Students can earn graduate level credit for each course they successfully complete and the ICML Certificate upon completion of all four courses.
  • They can take the courses as a non-degree student or while enrolled in a degree program at the University of Colorado Denver.
  • The courses can be used to partially fulfill requirements for the MEng in Construction Engineering and Management or other eligible graduate programs such as the Master of Architecture degree upon acceptance into these programs.
  • Approved courses in this Certificate may also count toward related Certificates offered by the Business School and Construction Engineering and Management.

You can view the required courses on the ICML Course Listing.

Contact Information for the ICML Certificate

Because this certificate is a collaboration between three schools and colleges, there are contacts for each unit. 

Business School Contact

Linda Brooker, Assistant Dean of Students
1475 Lawrence Street
Denver, CO 80202
Email: linda.brooker@ucdenver.edu

You can contact the Business School to learn more about their academic programs.
Email: business@ucdenver.edu
Business School Website: business.ucdenver.edu

College of Engineering, Design and Computing
Civil Engineering
1200 Larimer St, Suite 3034
Email: civilengineering@ucdenver.edu
You can contact the College of Engineering, Design and Computing to learn more about their academic programs.
College of Engineering, Design and Computing website: engineering.ucdenver.edu

College of Architecture and Planning
Leo Darnell, Assistant Dean of Academic Services and Extended Studies, Assoc. AIA, LEED AP
1250 14th Street, Suite 2000
Denver, CO 80202