Landscape Architecture Accreditation

The Master of Landscape Architecture program has been fully accredited since 1983. 

The program had its scheduled accreditation review by the Landscape Architectural Accreditation Board on October 11-14, 2015.  

The current accreditation was awarded for a six-year period, through December 31, 2021.  

Linked below are the chapters of the self-evaluation report written in 2015:

Cover and Table of Contents 

Chapter 0 Introduction  

Chapter 1 Mission and Objectives  

Chapter 2 Autonomy Governance and Administration

Chapter 3 Professional Curriculum 

Chapter 4 Student and Program Outcomes 

Chapter 5 Faculty

Chapter 6 Outreach  

Chapter 7 Facilities Equipment and Technology  

Addendum A Program Details  

Addendum B Curriculum 

Addendum C Student Information

Addendum D Alumni Information  

Addendum E Faculty Information 

Addendum F Facilities Information  


      A. Pertinent Websites

      B. Description of Required Courses and Thesis Guidelines

      C. Program Annual Assessment Reports and Feedback

      D. Student Surveys

      E. Faculty Survey

      F. Alumni Survey

      G. Professional Input Agenda and Survey Results

      H. College of Architecture and Planning Bylaws

       I. Requirements for M Arch and M URP Dual Degrees, and GIS Certificate

For questions regarding the self-evaluation report, please contact Leila Tolderlund at or 303.315.1028.