College Staff


Leo Darnell

Leo Darnell

Assistant Dean of Academic Services
Stephanie Kelly headshot

Stephanie Kelly

Assistant Dean of Finance and Administration


Krista Busch

Krista Busch

Senior Undergrad Academic Advisor
Kerri Clarke

Kerri Clarke

Operations Coordinator Undergraduate Academic Advisor
Kyle Danforth

Kyle Danforth

Senior Academic Advisor for Graduate Architecture
Jeana Delamarter photo

Jeana Delamarter

BS Arch Admissions Counselor, Summer Camp Manager, and Study Abroad
Manuel Garza's portrait

Manuel Garza

Undergraduate Academic Advisor
Matthew Gines

Matthew Gines

Instructor & Director of Design Fabrication Lab
Mike Harring

Mike Harring

Information Technology Manager
Michelle Haynes

Michelle Haynes

Grants, Contracts, Cooperative Agreements, and Service Agreements

Jesse Kuroiwa

Visual Resources Center Production Manager, Lecturer
Carmen New headshot

Carmen New

Director of Communications
Roxy New Headshot

Roxy New

Course Coordinator and Graduate Academic Advisor for MURP, MUD, MSHP, MLA, & PhD
headshot of Rai Pollard

Laurraine (Rai) Pollard

Executive Assistant Communications Coordinator
Connor Rumsey Headshot

Connor Rumsey

Finance and Human Resources Professional
Jen Skidmore headshot

Jen Skidmore

Director Of Professional Development and Internships
Stawinski heashot

Nick Stawinski

Design Fabrication Labs Professional

Jodi Stock

Manager of Graduate Admissions and Recruitment
Denise Weber

Denise Weber

Assistant Director of Financial Services