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The Frame

Lara Eck Designing a center to consider the environmental and sociological impacts of how a company’s presence can impact a place.

Subterranean Treehouse

Alix Malz By utilizing biophilic design principles alongside a linear spatial organization, this structure immerses the visitor deep into nature both physically and emotionally while still being just a short distance away from a busy intersection in the heart of a major city.
ArredondoAbigail_Viddam NorthFace Entrance

Bessemer Broadcasting Station

Abigail Arredondo

Embedding a broadcasting station near a steel mill to commemorate the voices from years ago and our voices now.
Growing home rendering

Growing Home

Kevin Miller This prototype home is designed for a multi-generational farming family that lives on the Pine Ridge Reservation and who are re-envisioning how they want to make a living, literally and figuratively. The primary goals of the family are to reinvent their farm by growing and processing industrial hemp.
Front facade

The Oglala Passive House / The Bio Truss

Ben Jaworski This house is designed for a single family that will live amongst the surrounding environment and be off-grid. The concept of this project is to be easily buildable, self-sustaining, supporting family interactions, and eco-friendly. A rooftop solar array will provide power to the entire house and ADU.
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