Urban and Regional Planning Work

Student Work


Public Engagement in Rural Larimer County

Student Researcher: Alyssa Martin

People's Guide To Planning - Bowling Green, KY

Student Researcher: Tara Sorrels

Identifying Bias: An Area Plan Toolkit

Student Researcher: Claire Byers

Identifying Bias in Jefferson County's Rezoning Review Criteria

Student Researcher: Isra Fakhruddin

I-70 Risk and Resilience Refined Data Evaluation

Student Researcher: Dashiell Bubar-Hall

Hoshiko Village: Adaptive Reuse and Affordable Housing

Student Researcher: Jake Dudley

Faculty Work

Salida Chisholm Park

Principal Researchers:


Renovation Concepts

Berthoud Community Center

Principal Researchers:


Renovation and expansion designs

Bethune Playground

Principal Researchers:


Buena Vista Gateway Plaza

Principal Researchers:


Downtown Park and Placemaking

Buena Vista Town Hall

Principal Researchers:


New building design

Buena Vista River Front Park

Principal Researchers:

Multi-functional site design