Urban and Regional Planning Work

Student Work


Reconnecting to Nature: Sand Creek and Bluff Lake

Student Researcher: Derek Updegrove

Sustainable Development: Incorporating Sustainability into Thornton's Development and Zoning Code

Student Researcher: Karlyn Vasan and Kyle Hendricks

Sunrise Neighborhood Land Use Initiative

Student Researcher: Samantha Snyder

Suburban Retail Innovations in Centennial

Student Researcher: David King

Streetscape Design, North Las Vegas

Student Researcher: Alisa Childress

Stairway to Heaven & Economic Impact

Student Researcher: Paige McCallister
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Faculty Work

Summer Planning Studio: Downtown Revitalization in Dillon, CO

Principal Researchers:

Korkut Onaran, Ph.D
Urban and Regional Planning Planning Project Studio Summer 2018

Modeling Future Yard Irrigation in the Front Range

Principal Researchers:

Austin Troy

Student Researchers:

Gretel Follingstad
This project seeks to estimate future residential water use in the greater Denver metro area in response to urban growth, and to evaluate how policy and planning interventions might mitigate projected increases in water use.

Accessibility and well-being: Are multimodal travelers more satisfied with their lives?

Principal Researchers:

Jeremy Nemeth and Carrie Makarewicz

Student Researchers:

Former MURP students Roxanne Borzo Bertrand and Cayla Cothron; former GES student Isaac Rivera.

Designing for difference: Planning for immigrant integration

Principal Researchers:

Jeremy Nemeth and Edelina Burciaga (Sociology)

Student Researchers:

Peter Burke, Reilly Rosbotham, Jose Parra, Shannon Terrell, Iza Petrykowska, Mais Alnima, Steph Leonard, Quin Joel

Ridgway Elementary Schoolyard

Principal Researchers:


Salida Playground Renovation Master Plan

Principal Researchers:


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