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Irrigation Ditch and Canals Historic Context Study

Principal Researchers:

  • Michael Holleran
  • Manish Chalana
Irrigated agriculture, as well as hydraulic mining and municipal water supply, have created a widespread infrastructure of water conveyance systems throughout Colorado. They are among the oldest and most significant works of American settlement in the state, and--amidst its arid fields and plains--create some of Colorado's most characteristic and evocative cultural landscapes.

Skyline Park Historic American Landscapes Survey

Principal Researchers:

Ann Komara

Ann Mullins

Skyline Park was designed in the 1970s by noted modernist landscape architect Lawrence Halprin. This Historic American Landscapes Survey, HALS-CO-01, was the first HALS documentation project in Colorado. It was also the first project nationally to document a mid-century modern landscape. The documentation, conducted during Skyline Park's demolition in 2003, was funded in part by grant awards from the State Historical Fund, a program on History Colorado, the Colorado Historical Society. This project has been recognized with a State of Colorado Stephen Hart Preservation Award.

Lawrence Halprin's Skyline Park

Principal Researchers:

  • Ann Komara
This book by Ann Komara, Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture,​showcases the acclaimed landscape architect Lawrence Halprin’s urban renewal effort for downtown Denver in the 1970s. Drawing on the rugged beauty of the city’s natural surroundings for inspiration, Halprin created a signature landmark of fountains, walls, and berms that served as an urban promenade and an oasis from the surrounding streets. This monograph honors the legacy of Halprin’s original work by presenting the most comprehensive documentation available of the park’s conception, construction, and use before its total redesign in 2003. It features new photography, archival drawings, and original documentation.


Principal Researchers:

  • Ann Komara
Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Camp ANF-1 (Pebble Dell) is located on private land within the Allegheny National Forest (ANF) near Duhring, Pennsylvania. Currently known as the Summers Allegheny Trail Rides Camp, it is one of a handful of extant CCC camps nationally. The enrollees in this camp planted the first stands of trees replenishing the ravaged Allegheny National Forest, an action placing these men at the forefront of the conservation movement spearheaded by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The men from ANF-1 also built roads, worked on watershed stream improvements, and helped construct local state parks.

Fort Laramie 3D/HABS

Principal Researchers:

  • Ekaterini Vlahos
  • Mike Nulty
  • Jenn Thomas
  • Karen Wolf
Graduate architecture and landscape architecture students developed a new set of digital media, including interactive panoramic imagery and 3-D computer models of the site, structures, and context of the Laramie National Historic Site in southern Wyoming. The work was undertaken for the Heritage Preservation Programs branch of the Intermountain Regional Office of the National Park Service in Lakewood, Colorado. This Historic American Buildings Survey demonstration project used a combination of traditional documentation methods and state-of-the-art digital technology in order to provide highly visual and interactive documentation of a NPS historic site. It specifically involved the compilation and production of an inventory; layout design of information links including storyboards of interactive website construction options; SketchUp 3-D site maps related to four historic period models of Fort Laramie; and virtual tours utilizing fly-through videos and photostitching.

Salida Scout Hut Renovation

Principal Researchers:


Adaptive reuse and expansion