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Town of Alma, Colorado Wayfinding Signage

Date: 6/21/2008 - 9/20/2008
Principal Researchers:

Location: De Beque, Mesa County, Colorado

Alma is known for its mining, its location at the base of multiple 14ers, and its status as the highest incorporated town in the United States. The logo for the sign panel was designed to keep these town characteristics at the forefront. The design is a simple landscape, yet the abstracted nature and mountain backdrop capture the essence of Alma and its unique place within Colorado.

In addition to the proposed sign logo, the sign design, materiality, and construction reference Alma’s historical & modern precedents. Suggested materials include: painted steel, coursed ashlar veneer, bluestone and steel hardware. The heavy base of the structure grounds the sign and provides stability while the lighter metal work provides clean lines and text, creating an interesting contrast.

Project Team:
 Judith Bergquist, CCCD staff, Michael McQuillan, CCCD student
Local Participants: Town of Alma, CO

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