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South Park Recreation Center Expansion

Date: 6/1/2016
Principal Researchers:


Location: Fairplay, CO

As demand has grown the South Park Rec District has added exercise equipment to the contained space of their existing facility. But the point of congestion has been reached and they wanted ideas for what an expanded facility could look like. Several constraints exist on the site but the committee requested ideas that could include an expanded community room (ball court), kitchen, exercise/weight rooms, and administrative room space.

Designs have been coordinated back and forth with the committee and a final design has identified an expansion of the facility that can reflect the existing distinctive architecture, utilize the existing entry and provide the desired functions. Final design concepts were shared with the committee for their next step in project development and hiring an architect to make it become real.

Project Team: Nikhila Ramineedi, Carrie Cordova, Heather Murphy, Mike Tupa (Project Coordinator)
Local Participants: South Park Recreation District Steering Committee
DOLA Regional Manager: Greg Winkler

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