Research and Creative Work

In the College of Architecture and Planning at the University of Colorado Denver, students and faculty engage directly with our vibrant city, dynamic community, and magnificent landscape by working on real projects that make a real difference. 

Composing Public Vision

motzkotrevor_Martin Section_yellow copy
Principal Researchers: Trevor Motzko Faculty Advisor: Will Martin

This building in its root is modular and modifiable. Its form is based on print media and its values derive from neglected voice.

motzkotrevor_Martin East Elevation copy

motzkotrevor_Martin Section_yellow copy

motzkotrevor_Martin Section_final_cover copy

motzkotrevor_Martin Section_cyan copy

SitePlan copy

motzkotrevor_Martin Section_magenta copy

motzkotrevor_Martin SectionB_final copy

College of Architecture and Planning

CU Denver

CU Denver Building

1250 14th Street


Denver, CO 80202


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