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Centennial: Trading Spaces Developing Better Places

Date: 1/1/2022 - 5/31/2022

Centennial: Trading Spaces Developing Better Places

Student Researcher: Julie Latham

Client: City of Centennial
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Centennial: Trading Spaces Developing Better Places is a Capstone that works within the context of a declining demand for retail space and concurrent rise in need for housing within municipalities in general, and Centennial, Colorado specifically.  It reviews mixed-use development as a potential solution to revitalize and improve retail results and additionally increase housing supply.  The Capstone researches and identifies five factors that contribute to mixed-use development readiness and success including storefront vacancy, walkability, proximity to amenities, land and improvement values, and overall site conditions.  The report compiles these into a development readiness scorecard to evaluate and determine what locations are the most prime for redevelopment.  The report then reviews and scores six retail locations along East Smoky Hill Road, reviews the results, and offers recommendations for the top scoring locations. 


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