Main Street Streetscape and Façade Concepts

Date: 6/21/2014 - 9/20/2014
Principal Researchers:


Location: Collbran, Mesa County, Colorado

The Town of Collbran, a small community in the Plateau Valley region of the Grand Mesa, is at the end of a dead end highway and has not seen much in the way of private investment in the downtown for many years. Over the last year, a revitalization and reorganization effort has begun through the formation of an economic development committee. The town and the committee contacted CCCD to discuss ways to spur downtown revitalization to help draw people to the town. A series of conversations lead to an agreed scope to conceptualize designs for Main Street Streetscaping improvements, downtown façade improvements and creating a master plan for a downtown park and river access.

Site investigation and documentation visits were performed in order to develop an understanding of the character of town and to gain valuable information from the local residents. A series of presentations to community members for design feedback modified and changed the designs to best suit the community. Regarding the streetscape designs, the community really wanted to create a more scaled pedestrian environment through lighting, sidewalk gathering space, and covered walkways using awnings. In the façade designs they wanted to see more continuity in the western style architecture and an update to some of the facades that have been neglected for years.

The goal of the downtown park is to create a public gathering space and event space to hold more activities such as a concert series or artist events, as well as seasonal events. The project was wrapped up in a final presentation and report to the community.

Project Team: CAP Students: Tom Maderick, Anna Chmel, Andrew Chapin; UTA Field Coordinator: Chris Endreson

Local Participants: Town of Collbran Administration and Trustees, Economic Development Committee

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