Grand Lake Circulation Assessment

Date: 1/1/2021 - 5/31/2021

Town of Grand Lake Motorized and Non-Motorized Circulation Assessment

Student Researcher: Katie Baum

Client: Town of Grand Lake
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The Town of Grand Lake is a small, mountain town located in north central Colorado and is mainly supported by tourism as well as an abundance of outdoor recreation. The community experiences its highest visitation during the summer, overburdening already limited parking supply and stressing the limited pedestrian walkways. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, tourism has only increased and further emphasized the need for improved circulation and parking management, flexible streetscapes, and enhanced bike and pedestrian infrastructure. The Motorized and Non-Motorized Circulation Assessment evaluates Grand Lake’s vehicular and non-vehicular networks in relation to each other and provides feasible, high-impact projects, programming, and policy recommendations that will improve circulation, reduce pedestrian-vehicle conflict, enhance visitor experience and economic vitality, and encourage cycling and walking within the Town of Grand Lake.


College of Architecture and Planning

CU Denver

CU Denver Building

1250 14th Street


Denver, CO 80202


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