16th Avenue: Gateway into downtown Denver

Date: 1/21/2020 - 5/15/2020

16th Avenue: A Gateway into Downtown Denver
Student Researcher:
 Dana Falk

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Sixteenth Avenue (16th Avenue), as it enters Downtown Denver, serves as a major gateway connecting the east central neighborhoods to Upper Downtown. As 16th Avenue drops into Downtown, there is a need for mobility improvements to facilitate placemaking as benefits a gateway. Enhancing the right-of-way to promote active mobility along 16th Avenue better connects the gateway to the 16th Street Mall and Upper Downtown, highlights the connection to The 5280 Trail (at Sherman Street), creates a safer bicycle connection, and improves the pedestrian realm to facilitate placemaking. This project rethinks right-of-way space allocation to prioritize the experience for pedestrians and bicyclists entering, and exiting, Downtown via active transportation modes. Redesigning mobility is the first stage in creating a vibrant public place along 16th Avenue.