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Mira Woodson is a multidisciplinary synthetic designer and educator. Her work extends across graphic visualization and conceptual architectural design which inform and reform her relationship with the built and imagined environments. She explores the adjacency and overlap of sensory experiences, identity, and memory through narrative creation and recreation. Mira is interested in the temporal implications of place-making; what governs my desire to move within and manipulate my physical world? What are the qualities and attributes that create these spaces? How do I engage and build curiosity as I collect the sensations of a place? Intentionally questioning the layers of perception and misperception. These personal explorations locate design and design research as a complete framework for observing and inhabiting the world, rather than as a discrete act siloed to making buildings. As I foster new perspectives in my environments, I expand the possibilities for wonder and delight…perhaps even play. This space is the visceral engagement I seek in my work and in my teaching

Mira has a Master of Experimental Art and Technology and a minor in Museum Studies from The University of New Mexico, where she continued to explore the temporal implications of placemaking. For her thesis show, she created immersive environments built from projection, light, printed paper, felt, and wood. There was also a performative quality within the inhabitation of these spaces.

Mira’s career in architecture started when she was hired as a runner at Antoine Predock Architect PC. The studio was in the midst of a design competition for the Ray and Joan Kroc Community Center in Chicago, and within 24 hours, she was brought on to the design team. This served as her crash course in architecture and taught her a major life lesson—how to rise to the occasion and take advantage of the unpredictable. She became the Graphics Director, and her chief responsibility was to create imagery that expressed Antoine’s conceptual vision. Proposals, research collages, lectures, interviews, photo shoots, articles, book, and exhibit design and international competitions became part of her everyday tasks.

Prior to arriving in New Mexico and working with Antoine Predock Architect PC, Mira completed interdisciplinary concentration at Fairhaven College in Textile Narratives and Design. Thanks to the multi- and interdisciplinary-focused curriculum, Mira explored many facets of the arts including clothing design, soft sculpture and site-specific installation, the intersections, and interactions of stories with weaving, felting, bobbin lace, sculpture, poetry, urban planning, and diverse cultural contexts.

Mira’s academic pursuits built upon what she learned first-hand living and working on an 85-acre land-trust tree farm and organic farm on the south fork of the Nooksack River outside Bellingham, Washington. As co-creator of Cetus Clothing, Mira and her team were interest in color, durability, and garment design as it applied daily needs, from digging potatoes to batiked hemp-silk wings for celebration.

Mira’s interests and skills continue to build and inform one another, including her earliest explorations of dance and movement (ballet/jazz/modern), theater (set construction/performance/costume design) and line cooking, in which she brought together the elements of flavor, hunger, and body memory.

At the core of Mira’s process is collaboration which includes fostering participation, information exchange, and iterative design process with colleagues, students, and clients to bring a vision to manifestation. Mira savors multifaceted workdays and creates a positive, productive environment for design and production. Her varied experiences reinforce her approach to education, exploring how fluidly all of these disciplines can come together and complement each other.


Research and Creative Work

Collage of Daily Practice images from every day observations
DAILY PRACTICE, platform: tumblr 2012

Hot pink exhibition at the Harwood Arts Center

In collaboration with Katya Crawford, March 2018, Encompass: A Community Celebration, Harwood Arts Center, Albuquerque, NM

Exhibition in the dark with spotlights at the Downtown Banque Lofts in Albuquerque, NM

April 2017, Downtown Banque Lofts, Albuquerque, NM


2023 CU Denver Faculty Excellence in Teaching – Instructional/Research/Clinical Faculty Award  

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