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Sarah Hearne, PhD

Assistant Professor
  • College of Architecture and Planning


Sarah Hearne (Assistant Professor, CU Denver) is an architectural historian, educator, and curator. Her background includes training as an architect in Australia and several years practicing in offices including Ateliers Jean Nouvel in Copenhagen and Paris.

Sarah received her Ph.D. in Architectural History at the University of California Los Angeles in 2020 with her dissertation “Other Things Visible on Paper: Architectural Writing and Imaging Craftsmanship 1960-87.”

Sarah's independent work includes an exhibition and symposium on information management and display in contemporary architectural research, titled Fieldwork (2015) at the University of Technology Gallery in Sydney. More recently, she was a co-curator on Schindler House: 100 Years in the Making (MAK Center for Art and Architecture, 2022),  Architecture Itself and Other Myths of Postmodernism (Canadian Centre for Architecture, 2018), and the 2017 Chicago Architecture Biennial with Johnston Marklee for which she co-edited the corresponding catalog, Make New History, published by Lars Müller.

Sarah is currently working as a guest curator for an exhibition titled Print Ready Drawings that is funded by the Getty Foundation’s Paper Project and the Graham Foundation and will open at the MAK Center for Art and Architecture in 2023.

Research & Creative Projects

Fieldwork Exhibition at UTS Gallery Sydney
Curated by Sarah Hearne, Fieldwork: architectural research outside of the studio
UTS Gallery Sydney (2015). Photo by David Lawrey.

Exhibition at the Chicago Architecture Biennial, Chicago Cultural Center
Sarah Hearne, Associate Curator, Chicago Architecture Biennial,
Chicago Cultural Center (2017). Photo by Steve Hall. 

Make New History Catalogue book cover
Sarah Hearne, co-editor, Make New History, Lars Müller Publishing (2017).
Photo by Zak Group. 

Schindler House: 100 Years in the Making exhibition at the MAK Center for Art and Architecture Los AngelesSarah Hearne, co-curator, Schindler House: 100 Years in the Making, MAK Center for Art and Architecture Los Angeles (2022).
Photo by Esteban Schimpf.