Mentorship Program

Mentoring is a vital step in supporting CAP students both in school and in their understanding of their chosen career path. Additionally, it’s a rich and valuable opportunity for experienced professionals to share their skills and knowledge, while demystifying the transition from the academic to the professional realm.

Program Structure

Mentorship builds confidence and knowledge in students as they transition from academia to practice. It’s mutually beneficial for both the mentor and mentee in generating enthusiasm, sharing knowledge and engendering curiosity. Our mentorship program is structured as follows: 

  • The mentorship will be in effect throughout the academic year, beginning in the fall and ending after the spring semester.
  • We encourage individuals to maintain a professional relationship even after the official mentoring period has passed.
  • Begin by outlining goals and aspirations for your time working together. Clearly defined expectations will ensure that you have a shared vision of success.
  • Mentors and mentees are encouraged to meet monthly at a mutually agreeable time.

Mentor Responsibilities

  • Act as an advisor and coach: provide guidance, share experience, explain processes, give feedback
  • Share experiences: visit job sites, discuss research or community work, attend lectures
  • Offer resources and recommendations: suggest books, precedents, tutorials and/or podcasts that will assist students in their personal growth
  • Cheerlead: provide encouragement in trying new things, celebrate successes, help process missteps and mistakes
  • Listen and ask: don’t provide all the answers, ask questions, accept that failure is essential to learning

Mentee Responsibilities

  • Be coachable: listen, ask questions, seek clarification and remember that your role is to learn
  • Be enthusiastic: your mentor’s time is valuable and you should actively receive information, demonstrate curiosity and express appreciation
  • Take risks: welcome new opportunities and recommendations that are outside of your comfort zone
  • Be reliable: arrive on time, call/email as promised, don’t reschedule unless unavoidable
  • Be respectful: express appreciation, honor your mentor’s busy schedule, be mindful of time

Possible Activities

  • Career discussions (share career path, valuable experiences, networking tips)
  • Topical discussions (readings, projects, current events…)
  • Share current projects or initiatives in your office
  • Attend webinars or online community presentations, professional organization events
  • Discuss school or studio assignments
  • Share skills (sketching, software, diagramming, graphic design, etc.)
  • Offer feedback on resumes, cover letters, portfolios
  • Attend professional presentations (city council hearings, client meetings…)
  • Review and explain work samples (construction docs, zoning analysis, site plans, proposals)
  • Discuss readings (journal articles, books, scholarly works)
  • Include mentors in events (including virtual events) in your office, such as happy hours or lunch and learns

Join Now

To participate in the CAP mentorship program, please click on the appropriate link below to complete the online application form. 

We accept mentorship applications year round and most are matched at the beginning of the fall semester with an expectation that the mentor relationship would last throughout the academic year; however, due to Coronavirus, we're opening enrollment for mentorship to help support students during this challenging time.

If you have any questions, please contact Rachel Brown, Director of Professional Development and Internships, at or 720.346.3314.