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Sustainable landfill redesign in Chitwan, Nepal

Date: 1/1/2019 - 5/16/2019
Location: Chitwan, Nepal

Sustainable Landfill Redesign in Chitwan, Nepal
Student Researchers:
Alison Blaine and Molly Marcucilli

In Spring of 2019, MURP students Alison Blaine and Molly Marcucilli partnered for their Capstone Project with Clean City Cooperative, a non-profit organization based in Nepal working on sustainable waste management systems. Beginning with a small village south of Kathmandu called Chitwan, Clean City is hoping to establish a successful model that can be implemented elsewhere. Clean City's main focus is to work with the local municipality in redesigning the town's landfill site.

For the students' capstone, they researched and provided implementation strategies to address the negative environmental effects caused by a poorly sited and maintained landfill, which sits on a marsh in a national forest. Additionally, they provided suggestions and strategies for effective composting and recycling methods to lessen the amount of organic and plastic materials going into the landfill in the first place.

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