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St. Vrain Creek restoration assessment

Date: 1/21/2020 - 5/15/2020

St. Vrain Creek Restoration Assessment
Student Researcher:
 Samantha Lasher
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On September 12, 2013 17 inches of rain fell across the Colorado Front Range and triggered a 500-year flood along the St. Vrain Creek in the small town of Lyons. Homes, businesses, and roads were damaged and all residents had to evacuate. Most of Lyons has recovered, with the exception of a few places, such as the site located at 4652 Ute Highway. This project will highlight how the Town of Lyons and the site’s owner, Generator Real Estate, LLC, can adequately restore this portion of the St. Vrain Creek while integrating resiliency and environmental concerns and identify ways in which different restoration strategies will affect future development on the site. Additionally, general river restoration resources are provided for the Town of Lyons to use in the event of future floods.

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