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Slipping Pavilion

Date: 8/21/2017
Student Researchers: Shane Krenn Faculty Advisor: Ken Renaud

The intention of the project was to create a series of three spaces (entry, transition and arrival) that would begin to nest into one another through application of threshold. The spatial sequence involves an initial establishment of an axis from the entry, which becomes distorted from the manipulation of the ground plane along the transitional space, creating a set of striations that the user is guided through. The solution to this slipping axis is found within the arrival space, where the heaviness and solidity of the concrete walls permanently reorients the individual outwards onto a clear, unhindered view of the context. 
Coding of the material provides further emphasis to relationship between these three spaces, where the ambiguity of the transition space uses basswood to bind together the concrete of the entry and arrival spaces. The heaviness of the concrete mass above the entry signifies an occupation beneath a volume, where progression into the arrival space displays a change ground plane materiality from the white MDF to concrete, creating the sensation of now physically occupying the space inside of a volume.
Section drawing
Photograph of architectural model
Program analysis drawing
Photograph of architectural model
corner detail of wood and concrete model

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