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In the College of Architecture and Planning at the University of Colorado Denver, students and faculty engage directly with our vibrant city, dynamic community, and magnificent landscape by working on real projects that make a real difference. Explore the ways research and creative projects at CAP ignite evolution that enriches places for people and the planet.

Ridgway Elementary Schoolyard

Date: 10/1/2013 - 1/1/2014
Principal Researchers:


Location: Ridgway, Ouray Colorado

The Ridgway Elementary Schoolyard was a design proposal catering to an active town, which lacked the proper play equipment that properly reflected their community. With a focus on both imaginative play and outdoor education; the design begins to embody the creative, outdoor activity centered community atmosphere.

With equipment ranging from a mining tower zip-line to a rock wall the new playground spaces provide a multitude of options for the students. The ADA appropriate circulation path connects both user and supervisor to the main gateway while allowing view-sheds of all areas proposed. The outdoor classroom, dragon hill-slide, music structures, and an education focused blacktop round out the design providing ample space to recreate during both during and after school hours.

Project Team:
 Lisa Hanano
Local Participants:Danika Gilbert, Ridgway Elementary Faculty

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