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Oak Creek Recreation Master Plan (Phase 2)

Date: 11/1/2013 - 4/1/2014
Principal Researchers:


Location: Oak Creek, Colorado

The Oak Creek Recreation Master Plan establishes the Town of Oak Creek’s vision for its parks, trails, and recreation system. The plan, developed with input from community surveys and public meetings, exists as a tool for community members to prioritize and ensure that capital improvements in the Town of Oak Creek align with this vision. This plan will guide future in-depth development plans for parks, trails and recreation amenities for both residents and visitors in the Town of Oak Creek. When implemented, the improved range of outdoor recreation will foster increased physical activity among all ages, particularly for youth.

Project Team: Jeff Brunette - Master Landscape Architecture
Drew Parker - Master Urban & Regional Planning
Anthony Pozzuoli - Master Landscape Architecture, Master Business Administration
Vickie Berkley - Assistant Director for Civic Engagement

Local Participants:Mary Alice Page-Allen - Town Administrator/Clerk, Town of Oak Creek
Nikki Knoebel - Mayor of Oak Creek
Tom Holliday - Public Works Director, Oak Creek
Bar Parnell - Director, LiveWell Northwest Colorado
Town of Oak Creek Board of Trustees

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