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Hoshiko Village: Adaptive Reuse and Affordable Housing

Date: 1/1/2021 - 5/31/2021

Hoshiko Village: Adaptive Reuse and Affordable Housing

Student Researcher: Jake Dudley

Client: High Plains Housing Development Corp.
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This capstone forms the beginning of a master land use plan for 123 9th Avenue, a Light-Industrial (L-I) property in Greeley, Colorado. The client, High Plains Housing Development Corporation (HPHDC), initiated this report to explore the feasibility of an adaptive reuse project. HPHDC is a nonprofit corporation and a Community Housing Development Organization that seeks to prevent community deterioration in low income areas and to assist low-to-moderate income individuals and families through affordable housing development strategies. Their project goal is to provide low-income affordable and permanent supportive housing units in response to a deficient affordable housing stock in Greeley.


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