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In the College of Architecture and Planning at the University of Colorado Denver, students and faculty engage directly with our vibrant city, dynamic community, and magnificent landscape by working on real projects that make a real difference. 

Hayden Downtown Placemaking

Date: 3/1/2019 - 3/1/2019
Location: Hayden, CO

The scope of work for the town of Hayden consisted of a variety of research all aiming to reinforce the “sense of place” already established by the town residents, history, economy, social and cultural dynamics, recreational activities and climate/ecological conditions.

The team sought to identify this “sense of place” through research, site visits, meetings with town officials, and impromptu discussions with town residents. Ultimately, the team proposed recommendations pertaining to: (1) The re-striping along Federal Highway 40 (Jefferson Ave.), including a lane shrinking strategy with improved bike lanes and crosswalks to slow traffic and appeal to pedestrian safety; (2) streetscape amenity placement and recommendations to enhance the vibrancy of the downtown core; (3) park “activation” strategies for two very different parks including designs and events possibilities; (4) sidewalk analysis and suggestions throughout the downtown core and the commercial/residential edges for better circulation, connectivity and safety (5) cost opinions, possible partnerships, and grant possibilities to implement the desired changes throughout Hayden. All of these points come with the goal to better empower the residents and town officials of Hayden, CO, with the language and tools needed to develop their unique “sense of place”.

The project team used a wide range of tools including, textual research, analysis, mapping strategies, cross-section/aerial/perspective drawings, diagrammatic analysis, critical discussions, field work, and community meetings.

Field Supervisor: Chris Endreson
CCCD Team: 
Brittany Bona, Thomas Cooke, Julia Dullen, Kortney Harris, Corban McElroy, Gaelen Means, Tatum Moorer, Nick Patin, Kevin Small
DOLA Regional Manager:
Kimberly Bulla
Local Collaborator: 
Matt Mendisco, Town Manager

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