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Historic Central City Downtown Revitalization

Date: 6/21/2014 - 9/20/2014
Principal Researchers:

Faculty Advisor:


Location: Central City, CO

Assistance was requested to help the town consider reuse of historic buildings. Many existing buildings were left vacant as casino operations came and moved on. The sites appeared to offer great opportunities but left the community wondering how to tackle the challenge. Work on this project centered on one building to give guidelines on how to kick-start retail business within the historic building. Alternate treatments included larger scale ideas (i.e. performance center) to small pop-up shops that can function just inside the front doors of this building. Example projects were offered and links to similar town organizations were given.

The plans and ideas were developed with the input of the local cultural district and city planner direction. Town meetings were vocal, informative and actively supportive of the effort. The final presentation meeting had more than 75 people attending and offering feedback. A final report was delivered to the city for their use in the next phases of the town comprehensive planning process.

Field Coordinator: 
Mike Tupa
CCCD Team: 
CAP students: Connor Krause, Aynslee Joyce, Guan Wang, Karl Burkhart, Jonathan Wright and Sarah Rosenberg; 
Local Participants: Robert Fejeran, Central City Planning Director, Alex Thome, Fentress Architects, Central City Historic Committee, Central City City Council

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