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In the College of Architecture and Planning at the University of Colorado Denver, students and faculty engage directly with our vibrant city, dynamic community, and magnificent landscape by working on real projects that make a real difference. 

Berthoud Community Center

Date: 3/1/2016
Principal Researchers:


Location: Berthoud, Colorado, Waggener Park

Design work focused on a modified community center with recreation purpose located on town property. The design included 2 options (one story and a 2 story building) which included a large meeting room, smaller conference rooms, administrative space, day care, and a range of supporting spaces. Additionally the design team explored how the building would fit on the Waggoner Park site with parking lots, access roads, trails and a plaza to include a farmers market and other outdoor functions.

Work helped the town understand what could be incorporated on the site without blocking neighborhood views. As the town completes their town recreation master plan (by others) this park may reflect a more neighborhood purpose or may fit into a larger vision.

Project Team: Carrie Cardona, Matt Roth, Haipeng Zhang, Mike Tupa (Project Coordinator)
Local Participants:Town Manager and local committee
DOLA Regional Manager: Don Sandoval

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