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We are a post-disciplinary, trans-institutional research and teaching collaborative that challenges traditional design authorship through emergent making informed by natural growth and decay

Lab Description

LoDo Lab is an interdisciplinary collective of curious faculty members and students that convenes regularly to share ongoing research, spark unlikely connections, and collaborate on projects.

The Lab supports both analog and digital methods of making, encouraging exploratory techniques that hybridize the two. More than just a physical space, the Lab is also a virtual platform where members from multiple institutions and countries meet on a regular basis.

Our name refers to our home in Lower Downtown Denver and underscores our relationship with HiLo Lab, our sister lab at the University of British Columbia.

“LoDo” also represents our approach to research and creative practice. We embrace low-tech tools and low-fidelity methods of making as equally valid counterparts to the high-tech and high-fidelity. In this sense, the “Lo” in LoDo suggests an ethos similar to that of lo-fi music, which accepts rawness as a source of meaning and as the basis for authentic connection between artist and audience. The “Do” in LoDo reflects our emphasis on doing: prototyping, experimenting, observing, and drawing. We practice a bottom-up version of the traditionally top-down disciplines of architecture, landscape architecture, art, and design, where low influences high and where thinking is intimately connected with doing.

Recently Updated Projects

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Pod Axon
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Lab Ethic

As a physical and virtual space, LoDo Lab is a feedback platform with the goal to empower and energize its members on all phases of their research or creative work, whether just underway or far along in development.

It is a supportive and collegial environment that privileges personal connection as much as academic research. It recognizes that the academy can at times be oppressively serious, and so it takes a light, good-humored approach to doing impactful work.

Upcoming Events

LoDo Lab's Internal / Cross Lab Meeting 


10:00 PM - 11:00 AM

Spring 2023 Schedule:
Every Tuesday

Once a week the core team members from both HiLo and LoDo Labs meet to develop and provide feedback on each other's research and ongoing projects. 

LoDo Lab's External Meeting


1:00 PM 2:00 PM

Spring 2023 Schedule:
January 24th, February 7th & 21st, March 7th, April 4th & 18th

LoDo Lab holds a bi-weekly round table discussion, where members of the lab meet both in person and virtually via Zoom, to discuss and provide input on each other's ongoing research and creative works.

* All meetings are live recorded *

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