Our Lab Space at the College of Architecture & Planning (CAP)



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Located on the 4th floor of the CU Denver CAP building, LoDo Lab can be found just down the hall from the CAP Fabrication Lab in Room 410. Our roughly 1,000sf space houses our 3D printing equipment, working tables, conference set up, and much more!

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FDM 3D Printing:
LoDo Lab has three Prusa MKS3's 3D printers, all with MMU's attached which allows us to print with up to five materials at once! 






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Clay 3D Printing:
In addition to the three FDM printers, LoDo Lab has been working on building a custom clay extruding printer. By removing the hot end off of a Prusa MKS3, we are able to attach a custom printed mount for the Stneflower printing kit to be attached to. After writing some custom code we have complete control over our new clay extrution 3D printer and can begin testing it!

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Other equipment at the lab's disposal includes:

- Food Dehydrator
- Ultrasonic cleaner
- Vented Hood station
- Mobile wet sink
- Several worktables
- Conference meeting call set up
- Mobile video cart
- Computer Workstation