Matearnal obesity alters fatty acid oxidation, AMPK activity, and associated DNA methylation in mesenchymal stem cells from human infants.

Boyle KE, Patinkin ZW, Shapiro ALB, Bader C, Vanderlinden L, Kechris K, Janssen RC, Ford RJ, Smith BK, Steinberg GR, Davidson EJ, Yang IV, Dabelea D, Friedman JE

Fetal Overnutrition and Adolescent Hepatic Fat Fraction: The Exploring Perinatal Outcomes in Children Study

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Maternal obesity and increased neonatal adiposity correspond with altered infant mesenchymal stem cell metabolism

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Altered gene expression and metabolism in fetal umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells correspond with differences in 5-month-old infant adiposity gain

Baker PR, Patinkin ZW, Shapiro ALB, de la Houssaye BA, Janssen RC, Vanderlinden LA, Dabelea D, Friedman JE

Historic Preservation and Disaster Recovery

Andrew Rumbach and Douglas Appler (University of Kentucky)

4th Floor Patio Green Roof Installation

Leila Tolderlund Kathryn Landers, Troy Britt, Leah Bryant, Jana Raines, Jake Seymour and Nick Patin

The Green Roof Café

Gaelen Means, Helen Davidoski, Kortney Harris and Kyle Roddy