Kimball Crangle's portrait




MURPAA Distinguished Planner Award

Kimball Crangle (MURP 2003)
Colorado Market President, Gorman & Company 
March 28, 2023






Planning in the Built Environment and Beyond: The Importance of Relationships

Kevin Patterson (MURP, MPA 1997)
CEO, Connect for Health Colorado
February 6, 2020





Coding for Resilience: Learning from the Vernacular

Korkut Onaran, PhD
Assistant Professor Adjunct
University of Colorado Denver
April 17, 2018







Retrofitting Suburbia: A Conversation with Alex Schafran

Alex Schafran, PhD
Lecturer in Geography
University of Leeds, UK
September 3, 2015



Making Cities Work: Planning and Managing Land Use in India

David Dowall, PhD
City and Regional Planning Professor Emeritus
University of California Berkeley
November 3, 2014

The Distinguished Scholar Lecturer and Awardee is selected annually by the MURPAA Board of Directors in consultation with faculty from CU Denver’s Urban and Regional Planning Department. DLA recipients must be graduates of the CU Denver MURP program or have significant ties to the program through teaching or service. Recipients should have demonstrated professional leadership in the field, worked on innovative projects, implemented novel and forward-thinking planning programs, or otherwise made significant contributions to the field of urban planning through teaching, research, or practice. Typically, we will invite alumni who are at least five years past their degree, though this may vary based on their accomplishments and contributions to the field of urban planning. 


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