MURP Alumni Profiles

Prospective students often ask, "What can I do with a MURP degree from CU Denver?" Our program prepares students to work in diverse areas of planning around Colorado and the United States. Check out the profiles below to read alumni stories about how CU Denver MURP helped them meet their career goals. 

Kari Remmen_edit

Kari Remmen '18

Development Analyst


What have you been up to since you finished the MURP program?
I have been in the real estate development field since I left the MURP program, first as a Project Coordinator and now as a Development Analyst working on mostly transit oriented developments.

How did you become interested in your field?
I became interested in real estate development near the end of my first year of the MURP program. I realized that while planners write the plans, developers are the ones who end up bringing those plans to life, one project at a time. I wanted a fast paced work environment with big impact and I get that in my chosen career.

What have been the biggest challenges in your career?
Coming from a planning background instead of the typical business background that many developers come from created a steep learning curve around the financial side of development so I've learned a lot the past 2 years and I love that I've been able to expanding my knowledge after graduate school.

What do you find most rewarding about your career?
Seeing projects go from concept to real life!

In what ways has your MURP degree had an impact on your career and who you are today?
Getting a MURP degree integrated so many of my interests into one course of study- sustainability, health, community, so I enjoyed every second of my classes. I was in a field completely unrelated to planning or real estate when I decided to get my degree so I never would be where I'm at now if I hadn't taken the leap to leave my career and start fresh by going back to school.

What would you say to a prospective student that is considering CU Denver's MURP program?
Go for it! If you embrace getting your degree and commit yourself to everything the program has to offer it'll be worthwhile. Start networking the day you accept your admission!

What was your favorite part about your time at CU Denver?
Studying abroad and the people you meet in the program. Planning brings together individuals from every background and a wide array of different fields so its a truly unique grouping of ideas and perspectives which brings great discussion and collaboration into the classes and workshops.

Do you have any advice for recent MURP graduates looking to break into the planning field?
Don't wait for the perfect job- apply to a lot of stuff and try something that may seem less than ideal at first. All experience counts. Also - network network network! Ideally before you're job hunting.

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