Bush and wall

Sustainable Preservation


The motivation to not only "build green" but to preserve the existing built environment has gained tremendous momentum in the past decade.

CoPR's location in Colorado drives home the importance of sustainable preservation. As indomitable as the high peaks of the Rocky Mountains appear, in truth, the Mountain West is home to some of the most fragile environments in the world. Endowed with abundant natural--but not readily renewable--resources, the region's delicate ecosystems do not recover easily from abuse, speaking boldly to the need for sustainable environments.

But sustainability is not only about the environment; cultural sustainability is equally important. Historic preservation and sustainable design--sometimes in concert, other times in conflict--offer a mutually reinforcing reality that engages the professional, academic, business, civic, and public communities. CoPR faculty are involved in leading edge research to examine the challenges ahead, foster debate, and present pragmatic solutions for sustainable preservation.

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