Severance Community Park Bridge | 2021

Severance Community Park Bridge

The Severance Community Park pedestrian bridge is the first build completed for the Town of Severance, CO by Colorado Building Workshop. Faculty, students, and community partners worked from August 2020 through June of 2021 to design and complete the 130-foot-long pedestrian bridge connecting the Great Western Trail across an irrigation canal in Severance’s new community park.

The weathering steel and heavy timber structure draws inspiration from the surrounding landscape and references the town’s agrarian roots and historical connection to the great western railway while also offering a modern and streamlined interpretation that encourages the evolution of Severance’s growing infrastructure.

The structure is oriented towards Long’s Peak. The truss frames the distant peak as the heavy timber walkway rises to the west. The bridge and program are extended into the landscape creating two unique pavilions on each embankment.  Directly above the water both the truss and walkway are modified inviting users to engage with the water below.

Michael Beasley

Matt Boselli
Ryan Bramlett
Julianna Christina Cox
Colin D’Emilio
Madeleine Fox
Ty Garner
Benjamin Hawley
Jason Kennell
Joe Klippenstein
Bo Lee
Izze Levick
Nik Makela
Richard McSwain
Maslin Mellick
Cody Rixse
Negin Sabouhi
Peter Sommerfeld
Maddie Stackhouse
Trevor Thomas
Brittany Thomson
Sadie Thurston
Abby Votava
Lucas Wylie


Rick Sommerfeld

Will Koning

Andy Paddock


Kate Hartung

Connor Rumsey



Brundage Bone
HPM Contracting
Simpson Strong-Tie
RMS Cranes
Design Workshop

College of Architecture and Planning

CU Denver

CU Denver Building

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