Dolores County Public Service Center

Date: 7/1/15 - 3/1/16
Dolores County Public Service Center
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Location: Dolores County, Town of Dove Creek, CO

Dolores County reached out to CCCD at an early stage to partner and develop a conceptual design for a new Public Service Center facility for the county. The county wanted preliminary design ideas that could be used for an upcoming DOLA grant application and to supplement future requests for proposals from design teams.

The new Public Service Center would replace the existing Road and Bridge Shop and incorporate the GIS Department and a centralized EMS facility as well as community meeting space. The life span of the existing Road and Bridge shop was well past expired and a new state of the art facility bring the county to a more advantageous position to better serve the region.

The project site was within the same area of the existing shop, but reconfigured for better access and circulation to accommodate newer fleet equipment. The design of the new facility centered around efficiency and durability as well as sustainable practices. Spaces were designed for growth, but specific to the needs of the foreseeable future.

Field Supervisor:
Chris Endreson
Project Team: 
Travis Roubideaux (MArch), Ally Hawk (MArch), Elena Yablong (MArch), 
Local Participants: Margret Daves, County Projects Manager, Steve Davis, R&B Shop Supervisor, Dolores County Commissioners
DOLA Regional Manager: Ken Charles