FEED Denver

Built for a non-profit with quite literally no budget, these two structures were designed over the course of a semester and built in three weeks. To manage this feat, the students worked as hard on fundraising and donation procurement as they did on design and construction. The Learning Cube operates as an outdoor classroom, the first stop on the farm tour, orientation device, and visual icon for the property. The Dairy House provides a teaching facility for goat milking, goat and sheep shearing, as well as protection from the sun and wind for the occupants.  Both structures make use of salvaged, scrap, and donated materials that expose the element of time as revealed in materiality.

2010 AIA Colorado North Citation Award
2010 AIA Colorado Merit Award
2010 AIA Western Mountain Region Merit Award
Roland Boshmann
Evan Burr
Bill Daher
Mary Dimmick
Jessica Ellis
Roman Gershkovich
Matthew Joiner
Austin Pulford
Fernando Riviera
Katie Roberts
Brandon Rutledge
Anne Shaver
Sarah Sherman
Mike Sullivan
Jacqueline Ulrich
Brett Van Andel
Annette Williams
Jerrod Wilson
Max Zurek