Yuma District Hospital

Date: 11/1/2012
Principal Researchers:
  • Project Team: Vickie Berkley, CCCD staff, Pat Healy, Sarah Doyle, Anthony Pozzuoli, CCCD students
  • Local Participants:John Gardner, CEO, Yuma District Hospital, Polly Vincent, Yuma Hospital Foundation
Location: Yuma, Yuma County, Colorado

Upon the request of the CEO of Yuma District Hospital, John Gardner and Polly Vincent, president of the Hospital’s foundation, CCCD worked with the community this fall to develop a preliminary plan for a multigenerational park master plan. The park site, which is on hospital property, would provide opportunities for increased physical activity for seniors as well as for young children. The multigenerational park master plan for the Yuma District Hospital was part of their application to the Colorado Health Foundation (CHF) grant program. The vision for the park is that both children and seniors will benefit not only from the walking trail and equipment, but also from the social interaction with each other. Students in the landscape architecture program researched existing conditions, demographics and met with key stakeholders to develop a design document that was submitted as part of Yuma District Hospital’s proposal to CHF. Upon evaluation of their experience working with CCCD, comments included, "We are super, super pleased with the work that the students provided for us. It’s really exciting to see our ideas so thoughtfully and beautifully expressed on paper."

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