Sunrise zoning and land use analysis

Date: 1/21/2020 - 5/15/2020

A New Horizon for the Sunrise Neighborhood: A Comprehensive Analysis of Zoning and Land Use
Student Researcher:
 Kate Stefani 

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The Sunrise Neighborhood in Greeley, Colorado has a significant number of residential nonconforming uses due to zoning and land use discrepancies. The nonconforming status of these properties limits their ability to alter, expand, or rebuilt. Although traditional zoning theory states that nonconformities should be eliminated over time, the City of Greeley recognizes the importance of these homes to this well-established neighborhood, and is seeking ways to maintain them while allowing the same developmental rights as properly zoned homes in the area. Several options to address this issue were researched and recommendations were made for the City of Greeley to consider. 

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