South Routt School District Fitness Center Design

Date: 3/1/2012
Principal Researchers:
  • Project Team: Sarah Bergstrom
  • Local Participants: Dennis Alt, SOROCO High School Principal, administrators, teachers, students and community members
Location: Oak Creek, Routt County, CO

The South Route School District knew its fitness facility at the high school was out of date and in need of improvements. They also saw an opportunity to expand the usage and create a fitness center that could be used by community residents. Oak Creek and the surrounding towns did not have a community center nor access to a public gym. This is problematic to maintaining a healthy community considering Routt County is bound by deep snow 8 months out of the year.

CCCD students created two design options for building a fitness center onto the existing building. Design options considered advantages, such as improved use of underutilized space and passive solar for heating, as well as disadvantages, such as creating dangerous entry conditions during winter months and taking away parking space. The South Route School District is currently seeking funds for the design option they selected.

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