Rocky Ford Police and Fire Station

Date: 5/1/2014 - 5/1/2015
Location: Rocky Ford, CO

Rocky Ford is a city of approximately 4,000 residents located in Colorado's southeastern region. The city's existing police and fire station was well located in the city, however, built in the 1930s, the equipment and logistics of the police, fire and ambulance departments has surpassed its functional capacity and the building exhibited signs of advanced deterioration. Due to these factors, a new facility has been proposed on a nearby site.

The primary objective for the CCCD was to design a new facility that would be more useable and secure for the city's police, fire, and dispatch services, and to provide a distinctive building with appropriate character for inclusion into the context of revitalizing the downtown district of Rocky Ford. The project included an extensive interviewing process with employees of the three departments to ensure that the design facilitated an ideal working environment and met their spatial, security, and educational needs now and into the future.

Field Supervisor: Jeff Wood
CCCD Team Members: Amanda Tharp, Nathan Pepper

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